Dog Beds

Dog Beds

Aesthetic luxury dog beds by the best brands on this market such as Labbvenn, MiaCara and Cloud7. Each piece has been carefully crafted to provide a heavenly sleep for your dog, and to perfectly compliment your interior. All products are manufactured in Europe from high quality and sustainable first class materials.

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Chic, modern wooden dog bed MiaCara Covo Lounge

Covo Dog Lounge

Designed by architect and interior designer Uta Cossman exclusively for MiaCara, this bed combines style and function to provide your pup with the perfect place to rest. The frame of...
Barca Dog Bed

Barca Dog Bed

€400,00 – €500,00
The Barca bed is designed to provide your dog with a protected and cozy space, with its unique design inspired by the sleek lines of contemporary furniture. The bed's curved shape...
Sustainable & Eco Friendly Dog Bed MiaCara Mare

Mare Dog Bed

€250,00 – €420,00
This bed is not just any ordinary dog bed! When you purchase the Mare Dog Bed, you're not only giving your dog a comfortable place to sleep, you're also making a...
Stella Box Dog Bed

Stella Box Dog Bed

€240,00 – €400,00
The Stella dog bed is designed to provide both comfort and durability, with features that will elevate your pet's sleep experience and your home's decor. The cover is crafted with Trevira...
MiaCara Dog Bed Glacier

Sonno Box Dog Bed

€250,00 – €420,00
The Sonno is filled with a luxuriously fluffy viscoelastic foam, which is an orthopedic foam that is specifically designed to support your dog's spine and joints. This means that your dog will...
Neutral Beige Greige Modern Dog Box Bed Miacara MiaCara - Easy to clean with water thanks to the EasyClean technology

Velluto Box Dog Bed

€295,00 – €500,00
The bed is crafted with an extremely soft velour fabric that looks like cotton. The bed's interior is filled with high-quality materials that provide support and comfort for your dog....
Labbvenn dog bed STOKKE Pink


€220,00 – €320,00
We know your dog is more than just a pet – they're a part of the family! And every member of the family deserves their own comfy retreat. That's why...
TÖVE Dog Bed

TÖVE Dog Bed

€200,00 – €300,00
Your furry friend deserves a cozy retreat after a long day, and the TÖVE dog bed offers just that. This dog bed is designed with your pup's comfort in mind,...
Labbven MOVIK dog bed


€200,00 – €300,00
Introducing the MØVIK dog bed, a perfect combination of design, high-quality, and comfort for your furry companion. This bed is made from soft, blended fabric filled with foam to provide...
Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed Labbvenn Light Teal Blue Green

MOE Dog Bed

€220,00 – €320,00
Upgrade your home decor with the minimalist design of the MOE dog bed. Available in four different neutral pastel shades with a soothing heather finish, this bed complements any home...
Labbvenn Unique Dog Bed LUKKO Anthracite


Treat your furry friend to the ultimate comfort and style with the Lukko oval dog bed. This unique dog bed is fully handmade with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring its...
Eco Casentino Wool Luxury Designer Dog Bed Mustard by Pillow Villa

Soap Box Dog Bed - Casentino Wool

€255,00 – €345,00
The Soap Box Dog Bed is the perfect way to give your pup luxurious comfort while also being eco-friendly. The unique blend of memory foam and siliconized polyester fibre balls adjusts...