Based in Munch since 2013, the LILA LOVES IT team has been researching, developing and producing high quality animal care products that are suitable for all breeds of dogs. They are convinced of the combined power of natural science and medicinal knowledge in relation to natural products. Because of this, both the tolerability and effectiveness of their products are top notch.

Why we love LILA LOVES IT:

Natural ingredients - There are many ingredients that actively enhance the healing of wounds. Each ingredient on its own can have positive effects, but the focused combination of these different substances synergistically increases their healing capabilities.

Animal protection - It goes without saying that we do not support animal testing.

Environmental protection - All of their products are based on sustainably grown raw materials to preserve the resources of our environment. The natural ingredients are grown organically.

Developed by vets - Their Senior Vets, Dr. med. vet. Stefanie Mallmann and Dr. med. vet. Iris Wagner-Storz, make sure, that the quality of all LILA LOVES IT products is on the highest level and steadily in further development by veterinarian competence and experience.