Why Your Double-Coated Dog Sheds In The Fall (And What You Can Do About It)

It’s that time of year again! The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing, and you guess it, your dog is shedding everywhere. Now, if you happen to own a German Shepard, a Golden Retriever, a Samoyed, a Pomeranian, or any other double-coated breed, dog shedding in the spring/summer is likely something you have read up on before becoming a dog parent. You may have even been prepared by investing in a quality dog brush for shedding to address it as it came. But shedding in Autumn? That might have been a surprise that could have caught you off guard.

The short and sweet of it is that, yes, dog shedding in the fall is a completely normal and necessary thing for double-coated dogs to endure. And to give you a better understanding of the reason why and what you can do, below you’ll find a deep dive overview to help you do just that.

Why Your Double-Coated Dog Shed In The Fall

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It is no secret that double-coated dogs shed their winter coats in the spring. This is a natural process that enables them to stay cool during the hotter months and regulate their body temperatures. However, in the fall dogs go through a similar shedding scenario, but this time in reverse. That’s right; in the fall, your dog will shed their thinner summer coat to make room for their heavy winter coat to grow in. 

Keep in mind that the amount of shedding will be based on your dog’s health, genetics, and the breed you have. For instance, German Shepherds tend to be massive shedders, whereas Poodles are less so. Even more, short-haired dogs do shed just as much as long-haired ones do. But because their hair is so much shorter, it can give the illusion they are not shedding as much.

As a disclaimer, shedding (even all year-round) is perfectly normal. However, if you notice your dog shedding TOO much, it could signify they have skin allergies or another health condition triggering it. In such cases, be sure to speak to your dog’s veterinarian. 

What Can You Do To Help?

Slicker Dog Brush for shedding dogs

First and foremost, never shave your dog to address their shedding. Not only can shaving your dog create skin problems and excessive scratching, but it can significantly damage their topcoat when it eventually starts to grow back. Furthermore, shaving can alter your dog's heating and cooling metabolism as well as leaving them much more exposed to harsh elements (i.e., causing sunburn and/or frostbite).

Instead, this is a time to put your grooming game. To do that, make sure you have the right grooming tools like the SHOOBY Slicker Brush to handle it. Featuring a sustainable, innovative design to optimize glossy coat finishes and seamless gliding, this dog brush for shedding gives your pup that luxury grooming experience they deserve. As for you, you gain that all-in-one asset to help you perfectly manage those excess shedding times. Couple that with vacuuming more frequently and bathing them using fur-controlling shampoos/conditioners, which can all position you and your pup to take on the shedding months to come. 

Summary – Shedding Season? No Problem 

For dog owners, shedding is a part of life. It is normal, expected, and likely welcomed by the dogs themselves as they get rid of layers they don't need anymore. Now, as natural as this may be, remember that as a dog owner you can help your pup along to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. It all boils down to mindful bathing and investing in the right shedding brush to handle the job. And let’s not forget that offering some necessary grooming intervention can also keep your home more hair-free at the same time, which is another wonderful bonus.

In summary, some breeds may shed all year round and others might only shed during spring and fall. Whatever the case may be for your family, having the right dog brush for shedding and knowing why fall shedding occurs in the first place is what will help you get prepared and remain that way long-term. With that being said, get ready and get grooming, because if there is one thing for sure, shedding shouldn’t stop you or your furry friend from enjoying all the amazing things that Autumn has to offer.