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Modena Harness Asphalt Dark Grey by MiaCara

Modena Dog Harness

€85,00 – €105,00
Crafted with a cutting-edge design and premium materials, the Modena harness is a confidence booster for your pup. Its adjustable jacquard webbing straps ensure a snug fit tailored to your...
Modena Dog Collar

Modena Dog Collar

€40,00 – €50,00
Adjusting the fit is a breeze with the handy slider, ensuring the collar sits just right on your dog's neck. The sleek design is paired with a solid aluminum buckle...
Modena Dog Leash

Modena Dog Leash

€75,00 – €85,00
The sleek design is paired with a solid aluminum carabiners and D-rings, plus a logo made of silicone. These parts are not only super light but also tested to make sure...
Fluffy Aesthetic Eco-Friendly Dog Bed Pillow Villa Pebble White

Pillow Villa Hundebett Pebble – Bouclé

€260,00 – €345,00
Wenn es um Ihren pelzigen Freund geht, reicht nur das Beste. Aus diesem Grund haben wir das Pebble-Hundebett hinzugefügt, eine luxuriöse und stilvolle Schlaflösung, die Ihrem Welpen den Komfort bietet,...
MiaCara Boucle Dog Pouffe Cushion Senso Greige

Senso Dog Pouffe

€240,00 – €300,00
How dogs would describe it: A bed that's as comfy as my favorite human's couch! The trendy bouclé fabric ensures that your dog's bed not only feels good but looks good too, complementing the...
Pillow Villa Pebble Dog Bed - Faux Fur - Ash Grey

Pebble Dog Bed

€260,00 – €350,00
Featuring discreet YKK NATULON® zippers made from recycled polyester, we've designed the PEBBLE to be effortlessly practical. The fully removable and washable cover ensures easy maintenance and lasting freshness. The bed bolsters are...
MiaCara Calma Dog Cushion Grey Pebble

Calma Dog Cushion

€165,00 – €260,00
Immerse your living space in the chic aesthetics of the Calma Dog Cushion. With luxurious wool fabric available in pebble, anthracite, and sand, Calma seamlessly blends into your home, adding...
MiaCara Dog Blanket Onda Greige Beige

Onda Dog Blanket

€75,00 – €110,00
Onda seamlessly merges a plush cuddly blanket with an ideal on-the-go companion. The fine knitted fabric not only ensures supreme comfort but also simplifies the cleaning process. Light stains effortlessly vanish...
MiaCara Volpe Activity Dog Toy Slate Grey

Volpe Activity Dog Toy

This enrichment toy not only keeps your furry friend entertained but also promotes concentration and reduces stress. A content and engaged dog are generally happier and less prone to destructive...
MiaCara Doppio Dog Bowl Set Porcelain Nougat Beige

Doppio Dog Bowl Set

€110,00 – €130,00
Crafted from top-notch porcelain, these stylish bowls boast a sleek, high-gloss finish and are offered in three timeless color combinations. Created by the Danish design team, Hans Thyge & Co,...
MiaCara Trogolo Concrete Dog Bowl Grey

Trogolo Concrete Dog Bowl

This cool bowl gives a modern twist to the classic water trough. It's built tough with weather-resistant concrete, making it perfect for all kinds of dogs to quench their thirst....
MiaCara Concrete Cena Dog Feeder - Porcelain Bowls

Cena Dog Feeder - Porcelain Bowls

€150,00 – €240,00
Fashioned from a slender, powder-coated metal frame, the Cena feeder boasts a seamless, unbroken contour that elegantly suspends its porcelain bowls. Designed for enthusiasts of both aesthetics and functionality, the Cena feeder...