How To Brush A Dog That Hates Being Brushed?

Does your dog hate brushing and untangling his hair and goes crazy on the mere sight of a brush? Frankly speaking, it’s not the fault of your sweet little friend entirely. Some dogs dislike brushing because they had a painful or uncomfortable experience at a young age, making them despise the idea of brushing their hair. Others might dislike it due to a medical condition.

If that's the case, you must first get your dog checked by the vet because sometimes allergy or infection in a certain area creates irritation. After this, follow our few but extremely valuable tips to make your dog fall in love with brushing.  


1.  Get the Right Brush

It is imperative to find a dog brush that suits your dog’s hair the best. The curly ones will love the pin brush or slicker brush, but the shorter hair ones like bulldogs and boxers prefer bristle brushes. This is because not all brushes are for everyone. You just have to make sure that you must not pull or hurt your dog's scalp whatever brush you use.

For long-haired dogs and dogs with undercoat, we recommend the pin brush or slicker brush. 


2.  A Great Treat

Treating your dog is the best way to make them adore the brushing experience. Make dog hair brushing a time of love, affection, and lots of treats for them. Treat them with dog treats to distract them, and then start brushing gently and carefully. This will require some passion on your side, but this method is guaranteed to make your dog stop stressing about brushing.


3.  Slow And Steady

Slow and steady always wins the race so keep your dog brushing sessions short.

Let them get accustomed to the brush and the idea that it cannot create any harm to them. Start with a small part on their body and when they feel comfortable, only then increase your work area. You can brush them few minutes every day and then increase the time gradually.


4.  Be Gentle With The Tangles

If your dog has mats and tangles, instead of fighting and pulling them harshly, it’s better to carefully cut them with scissors. This will save lots of your time and your dog from lots of pain. Once those tangles are cut, brush the small hairs to avoid further tangles and mats.


5.  Time Matters The Most

If your dog hates being brushed and is extremely uncooperative with the brushing, the best way to make it their habit is to brush them when they are tired and do not have the energy to fight or resist you brushing them. Take them for a long walk or after a long playful day when they are about to fall asleep, brush them gently so that they will feel relaxed, and their habit of brushing will also start to develop.


Last Thoughts

Your dog has reasons to hate the brushing activity, but dog grooming is vital. You do not have to feel miserable about it because a little patience on your part, right tricks, including some treats for your dog, will make this mission possible one day.