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  • By SHOOBY Team
  • Oct 31

We get it – you're passionate about your modern home's interior, and finding a dog bed that doesn't clash with your aesthetics can be a real challenge.

At SHOOBY Boutique, we're all about merging style and comfort. Our luxury dog beds don't just pamper your pet; they elevate your contemporary space with their Scandinavian-inspired charm.

Imagine dog beds in chic, neutral colors that effortlessly blend into your decor. Whether you love minimalism or cozy elegance, our collection has something to match your unique style. Plus, we offer a range of materials, so you can pick the perfect dog bed that suits your taste. 

So, let's dive in and find the perfect fit for your furry companion and your interior! 

1.    MiaCara Dog Bed Barca

Inspired by contemporary furniture, this unique dog bed features elegant curves that bring sophistication to your home. Its standout feature is the four moldable foam parts that seamlessly connect, maintaining its shape even after extensive use. No more wrinkles – just full support for your dog.

2.    MiaCara Dog Bed Senso

With the Senso dog bed, you can give your furry friend the comfort and support they deserve while adding a touch of elegance to your home decor. It's a win-win that's sure to delight both you and your canine companion.

3.    Labbven Dog Bed Moe

This chic, minimalist design is available in four serene pastel shades, each featuring a soothing heather finish, making it a perfect match for any home decor.

4.    Labbvenn Dog Bed Strippo

Corduroy is back in vogue, and we're thrilled to weave it into our designs. The unique texture sets Strippo apart, offering both aesthetics and durability. Striking parallel stripes add elegance to any space.

5.    Pillow Villa Dog Bed Pebble

Crafted from high-quality bouclé fabric, the Pebble dog bed is all about elegance and comfort. Its plush, soft texture creates an inviting space that your pet will love to curl up in while adding a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

6.    Pillow Villa Dog Bed Cuddly Bean 

This semi-circle marvel is tailored for modern homes, designed to snugly fit against your wall, saving precious floor space. Crafted from 100% Italian Casentino wool for durability and warmth, it's available in neutral tones and vibrant orange that's sure to make a statement.

7.    Pillow Villa Lounge Easy Clean

Draped in exquisite velvet upholstery, it emulates the sophistication of linen, making it a true statement piece for any modern space. But that's not all. It features innovative EASY-CLEAN TECHNOLOGY, that repels stains, making moisture and dirt a breeze to wipe away with just a damp cloth – no need for harsh chemicals.

Visit our online shop today, and discover the ideal dog bed that seamlessly fits your style and your pet's comfort.

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