Discover how functional dog products can also be elegant, with SHOOBY.

Our collection of handpicked dog products highlights a deep appreciation for sustainable living, reliable quality and timeless design that compliments your home décor. Through SHOOBY, we have tried to create an experience that feels like stepping into your favourite boutique (but for your pet), knowing that everything around you is made by people who value their craft—to build a better relationship between you, your pet and the planet.

We opened our doors after trying, testing, and curating the perfect mix of brands and indie pet boutiques. Today, SHOOBY brings incredible products from some of our favourite hidden gems in the EU, giving you and your dog a unique experience of products that are designed with aesthetics, quality and functionality in mind. Handmade and crafted in Europe, each item captures the tender care and attention that your precious pet deserves. Our hand-picked collection of products range includes grooming, sleep and accessories.

Like most of you, I was pretty tired of poorly made, mass-manufactured products and so was my heavy chewer, Sky the Samoyed. Toxic plastics, synthetic fibres and an off palette of colours, I didn’t want my little friend to have to deal with any of that. It was time to find something better—something both Sky and I would like.

And that’s where the research started, and after countless hours of digging through the depths of the internet, I found it! A little obscure German brand that had the aesthetics, the quality and the functionality. Orders were placed, quality was tested and after getting the paws up from Sky, I knew it was time to make it available for other pet owners like me.

And that’s how SHOOBY was born. Today, SHOOBY is a luxurious online boutique with products and brands curated by our team of dog lovers, giving you quality products found nowhere else.

- Nika (Founder)