Dog Paw Care

Dog Paw Care

Dog paws are constantly exposed to harsh elements, so it's important that dog owners protect and take care of them properly.

The hair between toes can become matted if not trimmed regularly. Because of hair being too long, dirt and snowballs stuck on paws, dogs slip and slide on certain surfaces... In our boutique you will find scissors that are specifically designed for safe and easy grooming. 

Dry and cracked pads can be very painful for a dog. This often happens in winter, as dog paws become dry due to salt on the roads and sidewalks. You can prevent or treat dry cracked paws with pad moisturizers such as our natural moisturizer PAW CARE


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Natural and organic dog paw moisturizer for dry and cracked paws

Paw Care 60 ml

Dogs rely on their paws to navigate the world around them, so it's important to keep them healthy and happy. Unfortunately, paws can be prone to dryness, cracking, irritation, and...
Dog Nail Scissors

Dog Nail Scissors

As a dog owner, you know how important it is to keep their nails in check! But it can be difficult to find a pair of scissors that are both precise...