Natural and organic dog ear cleanser
Natural and organic dog ear cleanser

Ear-Cleanser 100 ml

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Regular use prevents painful ear infection
Safe for use on puppies, adult dogs and seniors
Essential care for dogs with floppy ears and long hair
Helps to reduce inflammation and alleviate itching
Imagine your furry friend being able to stop the constant itching and head shaking. With Ear Cleanser, your dog will finally be able to relax and feel comfortable.

Ear Cleanser is a specially formulated solution that effectively addresses common ear problems faced by dogs. Compulsive ear scratching, violent head shaking, and unpleasant odors are common symptoms that can make your dog uncomfortable and can be a source of frustration for dog owners.

Our ear cleanser is designed to dissolve trapped earwax, reduce itching, and eliminate unpleasant odors from the ear canal. The combination of natural lactic acid, plant surfactants, and Rosemary cleanse the ear both gently and effectively. Micro Silver, Zinc, and Lavender have a calming, antiseptic, and protective effect.

The cleanser is perfect for dogs with floppy ears or long hair that are prone to chronic ear problems such as infections and build-up. The product can be applied as a preventative treatment or used in more acute cases.


Using a product made of natural ingredients when cleaning dog ears is important because it ensures that the product is safe and gentle for your dog's sensitive ears. Natural ingredients are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions, making them a better choice for dogs with sensitive skin. Natural ingredients provide a gentle yet effective solution for maintaining your dog's ear hygiene and comfort.

Aqua: Water

Glycerin*: Vegetable glycerin is produced during the saponification of vegetable oils. Glycerin helps the skin to retain moisture.

Polyglyceryl-4-Caprate: Vegetable emulsifier. The name refers to glycerol and capric acid (fatty acid found in coconut oil, for example).

Zinc Sulfate: Zinc oxide and zinc sulfate have antimicrobial and astringent effects. Zinc is said to help dry out inflammation and is therefore traditionally used in wound protection creams. Zinc also plays a vital role in cell regeneration, and in the formation of enzymes of the immune system.

Sodium Benzoate: Sodium Benzoate occurs naturally in resins and fruits. It prevents the growth of microorganisms and thus serves as a natural preservative.

Coco-Glucoside: Coco-glucosides are sugar surfactants - an extremely mild, washing-active substance. They cleanse excellently without drying out the skin and can therefore also be used on sensitive skin.

Lactid Acid: Lactic acid is a natural component of the skin’s own acid mantle. It protects the skin from drying out, creating an environment unsuitable for bacteria, mites, and fungi.

Potassium Sorbate: Potassium sorbate is a nature identical substance and prevents the growth of microorganisms in the product. Approved for use in certified natural cosmetics.

Sclerotium Gum: Sclerotium gum is a natural thickener obtained by fermentation of a fungus.

Lavandula Angustifolia Oil: Lavender oil, the essential oil from lavender flowers, is rich in linalool. Together with more than 2000 other components, it promotes a fast recovery of stressed and irritated skin. In aromatherapy, the typical scent is valued for its calming and harmonising effect.

Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil: Rosemary oil is said to have a positive effect on the skin since the Middle Ages. It is considered to be antibacterial, and because it stimulates blood circulation, it has a vitalizing and warming effect. Rosemary oil also regulates the production of sebum and is beneficial for the healing of wound.

Micronized Silver: Micronized silver is ideally suited for the care of irritated or contaminated skin thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Micronized silver cannot penetrate the skin due to the size of the particles.

How to use

First, give the bottle a shake before use and warm it to body temperature, this will help the product to be more effective. In acute cases, apply a little cleanser to the outer ear canal 1-2 times a day. To prevent contamination of the product and to ensure the safety of your dog, make sure that the tip of the dispenser does neither touch the skin nor the ear canal.

Then, gently massage the base of the ear from the outside. Step aside and let your dog shake their head so that the dissolved dirt will come out. Finally, use a soft cloth or cotton ball to wipe the ears.

It's important to remember that a deeper cleaning of the ear canal should only be carried out by a veterinarian. LILA LOVES IT Ear Cleanser is for use in the external auditory canal.

Use within 6 months after opening

Is it appropriate for dogs of all ages?
Yes, LILA LOVES IT Ear Cleanser is made with 100% natural ingredients that are safe and gentle for dogs of all ages.

Can I use it on a dog that has ear infection?

While LILA LOVES IT Ear Cleanser can help prevent ear infections and other chronic ear problems, it's not recommended to use it on a dog that has an active ear infection. It is recommended to first consult with a veterinarian to diagnose and treat the infection and then, once the infection is cleared, to use the product as a preventative measure.

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Customer Reviews

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Sabine L.

The ear cleaner has a very pleasant scent. Easy to use and the dog also finds this ear cleaner very pleasant. Normally he always refuses to do the cleaning. So I can recommend the product.

Josefa H.

Wonderful! I can't believe how great it works. Years of visits to the vet and pain for our Labrador - and now after 2 weeks of use there is hardly any deposit or bad smell in the ear! We recommend!


The ear cleaner fulfills its purpose 100%. Great product.


I got the product on the advice of my vet. Smells pleasant and is easy to dose! Clear purchase recommendation.


Good ear cleaner. It helped after two days