Elegant and fashionable blankets for dogs and dog owners.

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ÅSNEN Dog Blanket

ÅSNEN Dog Blanket

The hand-made woollen blankets Åsnen provide the perfect amount of warmth and protection against the cold, ensuring that your pup is comfortable wherever they go. They are especially useful for travel,...
MiaCara Cielo Dog Blanket Anthracite Grey

Cielo Dog Blanket

€85,00 – €140,00
This versatile blanket doubles as a travel bed, featuring water-repellent and lightfast fabric suitable for both indoor and outdoor adventures. Designed for enduring performance, the Cielo Blanket is crafted from...
Felpa Dog Blanket

Felpa Dog Blanket

€75,00 – €130,00
Indulge your four-legged friend with this sumptuously soft faux fur dog blanket. The Felpa blanket is perfect to throw over your dog’s MiaCara bed or cushion, or as a comfy...
Labbvenn Dog Blanket FORA Cappuccino faux fur

FÖRA Dog Blanket - Faux Fur

€65,00 – €90,00
The FÖRA faux fur blanket boasts a velvety soft and feather-light texture that mimics the silkiness and warmth of real fox fur. Your pet will be obsessed with the soothing,...
Mottled Brown MiaCara Fluffy Dog Blanket Lana

Lana Dog Blanket

€75,00 – €130,00
The luxuriously fluffy sheepskin-like top not only enhances the aesthetics of your pet's space but also offers a beautifully soft bottom, making it an ideal accessory for draping over your...
MiaCara Dog Blanket Onda Greige Beige

Onda Dog Blanket

€75,00 – €110,00
Onda seamlessly merges a plush cuddly blanket with an ideal on-the-go companion. The fine knitted fabric not only ensures supreme comfort but also simplifies the cleaning process. Light stains effortlessly vanish...
TÖSSE Dog Blanket

TÖSSE Dog Blanket

€60,00 – €85,00
The sumptuous softness of these blankets is undeniable, making them the perfect addition to any cozy corner in your home. The elegant rectangular shape and the imitated fox fur pattern...
MiaCara Unica Dog Blanket Greige

Unica Dog Blanket

€30,00 – €75,00
Delight in the softness of this premium fleece blanket that elevates your dog's favorite spot at home or on the go. Whether draped over your sofa or used on its...